Reform Design Lab was formed in early 2021 by designers and long-time partners Jurij Rahimkulov, Måns Broman and Rutger Andersson. But the journey started back in 2017 when Jurij finished the first sketch of what would become the Reform chair. The moment we laid eyes on it we knew this was something entirely different from what we’ve seen or worked with before. We decided to follow the chair wherever it brought us. However, to make the Reform chair proved to be quite difficult. It took almost a year of testing at Swedish research institute RISE, using state of the art 3D printing technology, before we had a functional sample we could sit on. We showed the chair to the world at Stockholm Light and Furniture Fair in 2020 and after that things took a turn for the worse. On a global scale. Luckily, we came out on the other side to turn a new page. And here we are now.

From the very beginning the Reform chair set our new standard and every new product we introduce on the market are characterized by our design manifest. Art meet technology in a sustainable way.

Our vision

We all know things have to change. It’s our firm belief that linear supply chains, material waste, fossil-based transportation and long lead times must end. Increasing linear production has contributed to climate change, pollution, loss of biodiversity and so on. The solution is sustainability and circularity, but more so to make people realize it. Our answer to that is to design our products using cutting edge technology and local production by local material. We want to show the world that this can be done. But we can’t do this by ourselves. The world need to change. We can only show how this can be done.